Pink Nikmis

by Nikmis

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This is the music I make. I usually call it 'electronic pseudo-classical'. Pseudo because it's not really classical, but it is in the same area. I try hard. And it is very electronic. I have been making music in this style for a few years. I wanted to combine the sonic flexibility of synthesizers with the possibilities of art music. I wanted to test the potential of synthesizers. Instead I ended up with Nikmis.

Theoretically, with Nikmis, I am the composer, instrument designer, conductor, and performer. Actually, though, a computer sequencer is the performer for about 3/4ths of each piece of music. The rest is played in via keyboard. I do the sequencing and add expression, so I suppose its a partnership. Also, the idea is that synthesizers offer an infinite possibility of sound. They don't, but there is still a lot of room.

This album was made with jeskola buzz. Instruments used are MFB Kraftzwerg, Roland SH-101, Casio CZ-3000, Cat Girl Synth 'Real Ring Mod', Blok Modular VSTI, 'Standard' VSTI by xoxos, and Jeskola Qsamo. So it's not completely analog, but mostly. Also, two of the synthesizers are vintage. So, I feel that I deserve all the analog synth street-cred that I can get.

This music took me about 8 months to make. Also included in the download is an alternate version of 'Pelomarin' made without the Roland SH-101 at a time when I was having recording issues.

The names don't mean anything specific. I didn't want to call them anything but you have to give the files a name. I didn't want it to be numbers because there is no progression. So random words it is

If you like this music, please email me at If you don't like it, please email me as well. So far, I have only received one hate-mail as a result of nikmis and it was very exciting.

"cheesy baroque j-pop electronic sound going all classical music"

"what if Mozart"... lived in a 8-bit medieval japanese dojo filled with synths"

""sort of a parallel universe feel."

"Seriously? Electro-classical? WTF mang..."

"Classic Nikmis. You are an electronical music professor, sir."

"GREAT GREAT! I am listening it right now! Awesome as usual!"

"The art is terrible but so is the music so thats ok"

"Baroque-style, but bent and even a little demented at times."

"The sound design reminds me of Carlos from the Good Old Days, but much more fun and imaginative."

"In the future, martians will make a record called "Switched off Nikmis""

"Yeah, it don't get no better than this. Baroque that ain't broke. ... this is commercial enough to pay for, but I'm all over the free shit. Got me one!"

"it's really great! Reminds me of Hosono's Cochin Moon in parts"

"really unique music, and awesome. "

"Very funny music which I very like. First one sounds like comic parody of cats."

"This is bad music and you should feel bad for making it"

"This is great! Gonna skip my daily acid trip and listen to this instead. Incredibly well put together. Super original and crazy."

"It's the type of stuff I never knew I liked so much haha... Always enjoyed both 8-bit/synth only game music and classical so this is a logical combination."

"Not bad... but you need to upgrade your instrument. Its kind of noisy. Interesting style, keep trying!"

"To me, it sounds like music itself is taken serious, is seriously written, but in no way takes itself TOO seriously. Very thorough on your part, you obviously know what you're doing as the compositions are very well put together, and nicely contrasted with the '8-bitness' of some of the sounds used to give it the fun quality and a character that is all it's own. As a whole all the sounds have 'instrumental' character to them. It's like a very tiny orchestra that sounds huge! Very unique, and quite whimsical lol. I downloaded the album, so in the event I'm feeling blue I'll put this on. It will be impossible to frown at that point lol... Pink Nikmus is what I imagine would be the soundtrack to a really bizarre and society-satirical puppet show which I just realized I want to write and produce."

"I was skeptical a little about that "electronic pseudo-classical" thing but it was quite interesting and enjoyable in the end ...Perhaps not exactly my cup of tea but while listening I was translated into a very happy and relaxing mood, and I found myself smiling which is a good thing."

"Think you may be on to something here, very unique sound"

"needs drums... honestly this is a lot like muzak. very polished but no substance"

"this is so unique. thank you for a truly special album! i've been listening to it every day after work. the depth of the songs is apparent as you listen more and more. there is a certain kind of music, regardless of genre or instrument, that gives me a feeling in my chest, sometimes chills through my body, and at times tears. this album is really pretty, and at times i experience all those things. great work!"

"I listened to it once, it was ok in my book. I listened to it again, this is the one of the best electronic albums I have heard"

"The album art is ridiculous. As for the music, well I listened to it but I am not going to even bother telling you what I think"

"Your writing seems to cater to two ends pretty evenly: the theory behind the piece itself, disregarding the instruments used (e.g. the rhythmic and chordal motifs you use throughout) and the sound of the final outcome, especially through consideration of the timbres at hand (e.g. you use different synths to create very specific sounds and you use certain elements that are closely associated with synth writing, such as the ongoing staccato harmony in various places). "

"It makes me think of space baroque. I like it."

"Very nice work! It made me think I was playing a videogame where I had to help Telemann escape from Bowser's castle, only much deeper than that. "

"Super Maximo! It's like aluminum foil robots cooking me French toast for breakfast."


released October 12, 2011



all rights reserved


Nikmis Nagoya, Japan

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