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I wear a Santa Claus hat when I sleep. Just to keep my head warm. A Santa Claus hat is the perfect shape for a sleeping cap because it is conical and doesn't pull your hair. The white faux-fur band fits snug around your forehead but has a pocket of air on the top of your head. I think it's a lot like the classic sleeping cap that you see in old pictures. I feel like any depiction of Ebeneezer Scrooge in Dickens' A Christmas Carol has him wearing a sleeping cap that is vaguely similar to a Santa Claus hat. Maybe it was a common thing at the time. I assume that indoor heating in the 19th century maybe wasn't as good as it is these days so people were more likely to wear hats while sleeping, especially in winter of course. I live in Japan, and the building we live in has thin insulation in the walls so it can be very cold at night in winter. Before that, my family heated their home with a wood stove that heats the living areas quite well in their house, but leaves the bedrooms colder. So a Santa Claus hat was a good choice. I started wearing the Santa Claus hat after my sister got one for a high school marching band Christmas concert. I borrowed it from her at some point. The Santa Claus hat I have now is not the original hat that my sister gave me. I gave it to a friend of mine as a joke. I was in high school so at this point I don't remember the joke. His name was Phil. After that, I went through a few Santa Claus hats before I found the current Santa Claus hat that I wear most nights. I bought it at a Zellers on Boxing Day. Zellers was a supermarket chain that existed across Canada but has now become part of Target. It was on sale because nobody needs a Santa Claus hat the day after Christmas. It has a very soft fur band but a slightly rough interior feel. It's much longer than the typical Santa Claus hat. It's big which is important when considering Santa Claus hats as sleeping caps. The hat needs to fit around your ears without being too snug. The cone can't come to a point too soon. That would defeat the purpose of using a Santa Claus hat when any warm hat would do. The material is important. It needs to be soft, obviously. The fabric that the white band is made out of is more important than the red cone portion of that hat. My current hat is not perfect. The interior is too rough and sometimes leaves imprints on my forehead. Visually speaking, it's more on the side of bright red with a hint of orange but I would prefer a darker classic red. After years of use and washes, it has gotten a little thin. For the past few years around Christmastime, I have looked for a replacement. I have not been successful. Most hats are just too small for my head. They are either too tight around the band or the cone is not deep enough. Other times I find Santa Claus hats that are just the wrong material, such as felt or yarn. A Santa Claus hat really needs to be faux fur. If anybody has any suggestions or knows where I can get a Santa Claus hat that meets the description, please contact me at nikmis.nikmis@gmail.com

Anyway, here is another album I made. I composed the music and recorded on my modular synthesizer. You know the drill.


released January 27, 2016



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Nikmis Nagoya, Japan

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